• FloodX strives to deliver the most suitable, effective and reliable flood protection solution from Singapore to you.


FloodX (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a flood protection solutions company based in Singapore with strong connections throughout Asia, Europe and around the world.

We carry a comprehensive range of flood protection products that we source from all over the world, and are uniquely able to recommend the most suitable flood barrier for your use depending on your considerations and special site peculiarities. FloodX provides end-to-end solutions and services. We are able to survey sites, recommend then install the products, and also provide after-sales maintenance.

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Experts in all types flood protection

  • Dam Easy Range
    Dam Easy Range FloodX logo

    Demountable Barriers

  • FX Century Range
    FX Century Range FloodX logo

    Free Standing Barriers

  • FX Protector Range
    FX Protector Range FloodX logo

    Semi Permanent Barriers

  • FX Water Bag
    FX Water Bag FloodX logo

    Sandbag alternative

  • FX Water Wall
    FX Water Wall FloodX logo

    Heavy duty free standing barriers

  • FX Defender Range
    FX Defender Range FloodX logo

    Diversion and damming system

  • FX I Guard Range
    FX I Guard Range FloodX logo

    Water activated flood protection

  • FX Shield
    FX Shield FloodX logo

    Demountable barriers

  • FX Doors Range
    FX Doors Range FloodX logo

    Swing flood doors and gates

  • FX Blanket Range
    FX Blanket Range FloodX logo

    Erosion control blanket

  • FX Door Dam
    FX Door Dam FloodX logo

    Low level water protection system

  • FX Glazed
    FX Glazed FloodX logo

    Glass panel permenant system

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