Our Training and Our Test Tank

We will walk with you and will take you through selecting the right product from our comprehensive range. At FloodX, we provide a full service from site survey to installation to after-sales maintenance to ensure that you are always protected in the event of a flood risk.


Our Team at FloodX tests all products for quality at our specially built test tank in Woodlands. We intended for and constructed our Test Tank outdoors so that our barriers can be tested in Singapore weather conditions, with much sun and intense rain no less.

We do this to ensure that our customers are able to see for yourselves how each barrier looks and feels, and what its water leakage would likely be as we flood the tank to its maximum water protection level. We welcome you to come and see our range of products at our Test Tank.

Test Tank

Where We Sell Our Products and Where We Install

No matter where you are, we are able to help you protect your property through our global network of capable partners, we install our systems throughout Asia and sell our product to the world so contact us and not matter how far we will deliver.


Our mission

We do all that, because we want to contribute towards a sustainable future for all of us in every small way, but more simply because we care.

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