Location: Shopping Mall, Singapore
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In an era of increasing climate unpredictability and extreme weather events, safeguarding critical infrastructure from potential flooding is paramount. Local shopping malls, serving as bustling commercial hubs, are particularly susceptible to flood-related damage, especially in switch rooms housing sensitive electrical equipment. To bolster their resilience and protect against potential flood risks, the adoption of innovative flood barriers like the FX Protector and DamEasy presents an ideal solution.


Switch rooms play a critical role in the operation of local shopping malls, housing electrical panels, communication systems, and other vital equipment. Flood-induced damage in these areas can result in costly downtime, operational disruptions, and potential safety hazards. Moreover, repairs and replacements following flooding incidents can lead to significant financial losses for mall management and tenants alike. By integrating the flood barrier, local shopping malls can mitigate these risks and enhance overall resilience.


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