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Singapore is no stranger to the challenges posed by heavy rain and the risk of flooding, particularly in low-lying areas. To address these concerns, many homeowners are seeking innovative flood protection solutions. FloodX is answering the call with its FX Shield, a made-to-measure removable frameless flood barrier that provides optimal protection for private residences, particularly around main entrances. FloodX's FX Shield is tailored to meet the unique needs of Singapore homeowners, providing them with peace of mind during the monsoon season.


FloodX's FX Shield is revolutionizing flood protection in Singapore by offering homeowners a tailored, frameless flood barrier that fits their specific requirements. Here's what makes the FX Shield so exceptional:

Customized Measurements: One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to flood protection. The FX Shield is designed to fit the exact measurements of your main door, ensuring a snug and watertight seal. This attention to detail is vital in a city like Singapore, where heavy rain can lead to swift flooding.


Frameless Design: The frameless nature of the FX Shield ensures that your home's aesthetics remain unaffected. It seamlessly blends with your property's design, offering discreet protection without compromising the look of your residence.


Quick Installation: Professionals from FloodX can install the FX Shield efficiently, ensuring a fast setup that homeowners can rely on during emergencies.


Peace of Mind: Having an FX Shield installed means peace of mind for homeowners. No more worries about water seeping into your home during heavy rains; your residence is now well-protected.


With its quick installation, aesthetic preservation, and the ability to provide peace of mind, it is an essential addition to any residence in Singapore.

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