FX Swing Door
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FX Swing Door is a full 4-way seal closure barrier with a simple to use locking system.

FX Swing Door opens either inwards into the protected premises and does not encroach on space outside of your home, or opens outwards if you prefer.

Made of aluminium alloy and finished with galvanized silver, the FX Swing Doors are long-lasting and durable.

FX Swing Door is innovatively designed to be lifted when swung, so that the bottom gasket does not scrape against the floor when in use.


This product caters for water protection heights from 400mm to 1400mm. If there are larger openings, double leaf or multiple swing doors can also be used and combined together with removable columns.

    • FloodX strives to deliver the most suitable, effective and reliable flood protection solution from Singapore to you.
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