Hydrodynamic Automated Flood Barrier/Gate Surface
FX I Guard S

FX I-Guard PD is a flood barrier automatically activated based on buoyancy, and without manpower, electricity or hydraulics.  The barrier rises with increasing floodwaters and lowers when floodwaters recede. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with a standard EPDM rubber seal. It is an embedded system and is permanent concreted in the ground with initial trenching works required. It is normally finished with metal, but it can also be powder-coated to a desired pantone colour. However, no tiles can be put on this barrier.


This system caters for any Opening Widths and for heights from 500mm up to 1200mm.


Surface mounted model
Length: To requirement
Height: Only 620mm
Width: As required
Load bearing: 12.5 tonne


Water Leakage:
Hydrodynamic Automated Flood Barrier/Gate Surface
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