Diversion & Damming System - FX Defender 1300 FXJ303

FX Defender can quickly lock together to create a solid perimeter water defence wall. Its components are generally of low weight and can be handled easily.

The system can be placed on a variety of surfaces, and even in water to create temporary dams. Depending on the installation surfaces, the fixings may have to be secured permanently.


This system is produced in either sincplated steel or aluminium and is available in 3 water protection heights of 500mm, 800mm and 1300mm. The system also has angle panels so as to work to any configuration.


Height: 1300mm
Dimension W x H:1100mm x 2200mm

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Weight 31.2kg
Assembly time: 2 persons can install 100 meters barrier in 120 minutes
Storage Space: 21m3 (100mm)


Ease of Deployment:
Diversion & Damming System - FX Defender 1300
Water Tightness:
Diversion & Damming System - FX Defender 1300
Requires Permanent Fixings:
  Depends on use
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