Water Activated Heavy Duty Inflatable Flood Barrier
FX Water Wall has a skeleton structure. This system is innovatively designed with openings at the base to allow incoming floodwaters to fill the chambers and lend weight to the system so that the floodwaters become its own barrier. 
This system is more reliable than water-filled or compressed air systems as it does not require any pump nor electricity to use.  To deploy, multiple 5metre sections can be quickly zipped together to protect lengths of beyond 1000metres.  Comparatively, little manpower is required to protect such long lengths. 
FX Water Wall can be easily stored and reused in the event of another flood.

Heights: from 700mm to 1000mm


Height: 700mm and 1000mm

Effective Water Protection Height: 650mm and 950mm

Width of front flap: From 1300mm

Width of bottom chamber: From 1600mm

Weight per Metre: From 6.5kg

Ease of Deployment:
FX Water Wall
Water Tightness:
FX Water Wall
Requires Permanent Fixings:
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