Semi Permanent Flood Protection Aluminium Panel System
FX Protector

FX Protector is a reliable and cost effective aluminium slot panels flood barrier.

This system requires permanent fixings of left and right side profiles (that act as guiderails for panels to be slotted into) on solid structures.

FX Protector has pressure tools that assist in providing a watertight effective seal against floodwaters ingress.  

A 2 metre section can be installed within 10 minutes.


The Protector system is made to measure, and heights and sizes are defined by the specific project requirements.

Height: From 215mm to 1215mm

Width: Max axis one beam: 600mm to 5050mm and to any width Projects with central fixed columns



FX Protector is made to measure for every doorway, and can protect any opening widths and for heights from 200mm to 2000mm high.  For some widths/heights, centre columns may be required.

Ease of Installation:
Semi Permanent Flood Protection Aluminium Panel System
Water Leakage:
Semi Permanent Flood Protection Aluminium Panel System
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